Jewelry Care

Gold Care

  • Remove jewelry before showering, swimming, exercising, applying perfume or makeup.
  • Store jewelry in complimentary TAVA pouch and/or box. keep in a cool, dry, sunless spot.
  • Clean Jewelry from dirt, water, makeup, sweat, body oils, with jewelry or microfiber cloth
  • Wear with confidence and the love you deserve to give yourself


Polymer Clay Care

While clay is quite durable, and won't break if dropped. Please follow these to protect and ensure longevity of quality for your clay:

  • Do not bend. This will lessen the bond and could cause cracking.
  • Keep the clay from perfumes, sweat, or other body oils.
  • Wash with a makeup wipe or warm water to get make up off the clay.


Brass Care

Brass will oxidize due to natural exposure to air and oils on the skin.

  • Use a q-tip and rub some ketchup or vinegar on the brass and leave for 5 minutes.
  • Wash off and dry completely.
  • Repeat as often as necessary to maintain a gold shine


Clip-On Earring

The clip on on each earring is made with a molded resin. It is then sealed together with a resin to the gold/silver earring piece. This hardens to be as strong as plastic. However, if you over stretch the resin piece, it could widen and not be as strong. If it widens, follow this:

  • Press the clip-on piece together with your fingers and place under a UV lamp, or in the sun. The UV rays will bond the piece back together in the original setting it was in.
  • If your piece happens to break or is unfixable, email us at We will find a solution that works for us.


 Special Notes

  • Hypoallergenic does not mean it is allergy-free. However, it does mean there is a very low risk  of causing an allergic reaction. We can't guarantee everyone will not have a reaction but we recommend it as a great option for those with sensitive skin.
  • Water-Resistant does not mean it is water-proof. Item can be near and in water and hold its color for a long time. However, it is can over a very long time, lose its color if constantly around water and not wiped down, and stored in jewelry bag.